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Just wondering what people's feedback is regarding using Ticketing versus Messaging within Procentive. I previously used Ticketing to communicate with staff within Procentive, but some questions have come up about using Messaging as an alternative. Just wondering people's thoughts / preferences.

Also do people use workflow often and do you find it helpful?


I do not like the ticketing process in Procentive.  It is confusing, responses are tedious to get.  For me, the CHAT option of far superior in terms of getting a resolution and interacting with the support staff.    Just my 2 cents.

I prefer the Ticketing Module to the Messaging Module. It's more user friendly, and I can see everyone's previous comments easily. I have no idea where the chat option is, sorry.


You have to sign up for the "CHAT" option, and it is on the far right top menu next to "HELP" if you are signed up.  Responses are immediate, as long as CHAT is open.  Hours are 9 am to 3 pm.  You get 1:1 immediate discussion on the chat line. 


I prefer the "Chat" option in Procentive. I can almost immediate answers to questions I'm working on at that moment vs waiting for a response in the Ticketing system. I use the Ticketing system for more robust issues. FYI, you can always email or print your Chat conversations. I've done that several times.

I'm sorry that I do not know how I got signed up.  The system administrator signed me up.  Perhaps ask your admin to find out about it.

You only have the CHAT option if you have permissions to upgrade a ticket to Procentive, I believe. Not everyone has this permission.

that is beyond my scope.  I can work on tickets.  My level is Billing Champion, if that helps.

Is the CHAT option only for your agency? Or, are you communicating with Procentive staff? Too many of our staff answer tickets after seeing clients, so the 3:00 p.m. close time wouldn't work for us.

Communicating with Procentive staff.  I manage billing on two different sites, and it is not available on one site...  so I know it has to be set up by the administrator.  Not sure what the criteria are, but it has exponentially improved my ability to get something done. 

Poor Tricia (BillCare) - I just call her on the stuff I need right away. She probably hates that, and wishes I had the CHAT option. :) Thank you for your information!

Hi everyone!

Thank you all for chiming in on this thread. I thought I would respond just so everyone is aware of exactly how ticketing, chat, and messaging work.

Ticketing is the primary way for you to communicate with Procentive. There are Procentive "Champions" at your agency that have been designated to have the permission to send a ticket to us.  You can create a ticket and ask a champion at your agency to upgrade the ticket to Procentive if they are also unable to answer your question.

Chat is a really great feature too and is available from 9am - 3pm each day as was stated above. This feature is also given to key Champions at each agency.

The messaging module is used to communicate internally with other staff at your agency, and we have an add on service that allows you to send direct messages via a secured email address to other providers.  Messaging is not a way that we at Procentive communicate with our clients.

If you are curious what your agency's permissions are or aren't sure if you have chat available for your agency, feel free to send us a ticket and we can get that answered for you.

Have a great day everyone! 
ProCare Team