Reserve company resources without making a client appointment

Jonathan Beulke 7 years ago in Appointments Module updated by Sheryl Martin 7 years ago 7

Does anyone know of a way to reserve resources such as conference rooms, vehicles, etc. without needing to make a client appointment?

For example, a staff needs to reserve a vehicle every other Friday to run on facility errands, but will not be taking any clients with him.  Currently, it appears we are unable to make an "appointment" in the appointments module without having a client associated with the appointment.  We do not want to make a fake client profile just to be able reserve something.

Does anyone have any ideas how we can accomplish this?  I'm wondering if I'm just missing something.

Thank you!

Can you make that an appointment type?  And add the vehicle as a resource, which you can then associate with that appointment.  For instance, make one of your appointment types "Facility Errands", not require a client associated with it, then associate that resource with that appointment?

For our company, we created the resources such as conference room as a staff in the Staff Module so then you can see the entire weeks worth of reservations in the Appointment Module and it doesn't have to have a client associated with it. It makes adding appointments easier as well as being able to see when resources are available. 

You can also do what Sheryl suggested and remove the permission associated with that appointment type to have a client associated with that specific appointment

Thanks Sheryl and Stephanie,

I neglected to remember about creating a new appointment type.  That's exactly what I needed, thank you!

I like the idea of creating conference rooms as staff; that will definitely come in handy.



I want to address your question and some of the suggestions that were made, as these wouldn't be options we would recommend. 

Staff should only be used to enter persons employed at your agency. Fake staff could be a possible HIPAA violation or risk. 

Appointment Types are designed to designate the nature of the appointment, such as individual, group, intake, etc.

If you would like to reserve an existing Resource (created within the Resources module) without linking it to an actual appointment, please go to the Appointments Module > change your View at the top left to "Resource Reservations", select the location (if needed) and the specific Resource from the drop down menu at the top > click "Add" and complete the remaining fields. This will allow you to save / reserve a Resource, without linking it to any appointment.

If you have further questions, please submit a ticket to the Procentive Support Desk.

Thank you!

That Resource Reservations view is a great idea.  Don't know how I've missed that!

Thank you Jessica,

That's a much more efficient method for what we're wanting to accomplish.  Also, thanks for pointing out the drawbacks of other options, as we all want to do things efficiently and correctly.

You can create other Types besides an individual appt. We have numerous types to choose from.

Just click on "edit" when you are scheduling it.

We have individual, PTO, Out of the Office, paperwork, meetings.....