Client Module issue

Brittany Mathews 7 years ago in Clients Module updated by NP Support 7 years ago 5

Is there something going on with the client module? I am in billing/admin and have never had clients assigned to me but now it shows a list of clients under my name. This happened to other admin staff too but not practitioners.

We are having this same problem with the appointment module. Client's are appearing on practitioners schedule that they are not associated with. Also, when we add multiples practitioners/interns to an appointment, the system is deleting one of them.

I added a client today in the Client Module and now the same exact client show 3 times when I use the search tool.  

I've refreshed the page, logged out of Procentive and back in, cleared my cache and it's still not running properly.

We have a client showing twice too!!

Hello all,

I ask that you each create a support ticket and provide details such as client numbers so that our support team can investigate each issue.  The user community works best when others in Procentive user community are able to help each other out, but in this case, the support desk at Procentive is your best option for getting resolution to this.  Thank you!

We are seeing the same things, and did submit a ticket about the duplicate clients this week.  We also submitted a ticket last week about the "clients showing up for staff they are no longer associated with" problems.