We have made a few exceptions but our normal policy is to require the parent who is actually bringing the minor to thier session to pay. If they have split legal responsibility regarding medical bills we tell them it is up to them to work that out. I hope that helps.

We typically do the same, tell them they have to work it out, but sometimes there are issues between the two parents that prevent one or the other from getting reimbursed. So, we have worked out an arrangement that every other visit gets paid by alternate parent. This works exceptionally well if they both are willing to put a credit card on file to process after insurance has paid. Yes it's a hassle, but sometimes making an exception like this works best for all. It's also in your clinic's best interest to have a policy about Treatment of a Minor that they receive at the first appt.,

Procentive actually told me how to do this. We have a family that one parent is responsible for 93% and the other parent 7%. We create the bills accordingly for them.

I ticketed Procentive about this to. Jmorales--are you able to explain what they told you so I can do it as well, or did they have to set up something special in your settings? Thanks all. This is becoming a lot of extra work for me to try and enter payments and reference (name) them so we can tell who is paying but I've recently had a few high maintenance and time consuming requests and I really don't think it's my job to do this but I also want to give good customer service and try to make their lives a little less stressful than it already is.

Option 1 (recommended): Add the service into the time module.

Go to the billing module, change the amount of the bill to be the 93% for dad, then bill out the claim. Print off the invoice in the billing module. Then change the amount, of the claim to the remaining 7% and resend the claim to then create an invoice to send to her. Once the parents pay, the payments can be applied to the bill lines in the payments module.

Option 2:

Change your settings for the entire database to allow duplicate service lines.

Enter one service line for a custom code (you'll have to create this in the Codes Module as a Custom Rate Code) and then enter in the rate for dad and save. Then enter another service line for the moms custom code and rate and then save that one.

Bill each of them out in the billing module and then print out the invoices and send to mom/dad.

Jmorales, is this client private pay or are you billing insurance? I don't understand who you will bill 93% or 7% of a claim to insurance.

This is for private pay