mboron 7 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules 0

Is anyone using G-codes and other tracking codes for quality measures and reporting them to the insurance plans? 

If so, are all payers allowing them to process through their systems, such as Commercial plans, MA/PMAP plans, and Medicare?  Or are they rejecting the claims because of these codes?

We are going to be using some that will be tracking BMI (G8417, G8418, G8420, G8422, G8938, G8421 and G8419), Tobacco screening (4004F, 10036F, 4004F 1P, 4004F 8P), Alcohol (G9621, G9622, G9632, G9624) Suicide risk (G8932, G8933), Screening for clinical depression (G8431. G8510, G8433, G8940, G8432, G8511), and PHQ9 (G9511, G9509 and G9510).  Wondering if anyone else has any experience with these codes.

Thank you!