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Share advice or successes you’ve experienced with Procentive that you are THANKFUL for. The top 5 posts (based on votes & comments) will receive a prize!

I have two to share, but there are more: the NOTES tab (I have created many types of notes that show up in different areas, one that is very useful is our "MA/PMAP Elig note" which we add a clients payer each month because they often 'flip' or change from Straight MA to a PMAP. This note shows up in Payments, so when claims deny bc they weren't covered under than plan, I can easily look to see which payer it should've been sent to.

Another great tool to use is the Eligibility dates tab within the Client> Payer tab.

There are so many things Procentive offers that I am thankful for; #1 is the chat and/or help feature. Procentive is so quick to respond to my questions and always very helpful. I know no matter how difficult or silly the question is, they are always willing to help me figure it out. #2 is the Reports. The reports we pull from Procentive are used throughout our whole organization. Counselors use these reports to keep track of patient hours, other data is used to create quality reports, and just last week I pulled a list of referents from the past year, so our marketing department could send out Christmas Cards.

How are you using referents? Where do you enter referral sources and how are you keeping track of client referrals.

We use the contact tab to gather some of it. On the program/groups tab we use that referent field as well to chose the main referral.


I am most thankful for the support that I get from Procentive staff. They are always quick to help with issues that we run into. Guide us on process, listen to my many wishes that I have on how I would like Procentive to work. :) They are a great partner to be in this EMR journey with.

We were one of the very earliest customers of Procentive and the staff have been awesome to work with for going on 8 years now. This product just keeps improving and getting better. Sadly we have moved most of our services to another EMR that better meets some of our needs I will truly miss working with the Procentive staff

I am very thankful for the entire Procentive team and their responsiveness to all of our issues and needs (whether the problems were "user error" or not) they are always helpful and willing to lend a hand. We have been with Procentive for 6 years and have seen many changes and improvements over that time because of the staff's willingness to add and change things to make them work for us and our particular needs. Oh, and I LOVE the chat function! I only wish it was available all the time!

I agree, the help desk in particular for me is so great. Thank you Jessica and Sara for always being quick to answer chats and tickets and for clearly explaining issues and answers for us! You are the best!