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Action Required: Update to Scanning Software in Procentive

Kevin Holmes 7 years ago in Procentive News updated 7 years ago 21

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Kevin, would you be able to provide an update? I attempted an update on a couple computers this morning and did not get a prompt to update the software. Is this browser specific perhaps? Thanks.

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NP Support -- are you still able to scan? Or unable to scan?


I am checking into this now. Will update this again very soon once I have more details to report. Thanks for your patience.


HI Kevin, I also am running into this issue. Scanning to Procentive is functioning, but we were never prompted to update our scanning software. Just to let you know: We have enabled plug in free scanning and signing. Could this mean that we don't need the update?


Thanks for the details, Joey. I am working with engineers right now to figure it out. Hope to have an answer soon.

We have a WYSE terminal instead of desktop units - how do we do the update?

Our support computers use IE 11 and scanning was and still is working. I have chrome on my computer and was prompted to install a twain plugin, but I don't normally scan so I am not sure that was the update referred to in the correspondence.

Hello all,

The update was required because of a change to Chrome. So it is possible that this is why IE users are not affected or seeing the prompt to update their scanning software. So long as your scanner is working, then even if you do not see the prompt to update -- for now, all is well.

For anyone in Patty's situation (using a WYSE terminal) -- you will need to work with your IT department to have them make the update. If they need assistance, send any questions they have through the Support Desk.

And if anyone else is unable to scan, send your questions through the support desk and we will help figure out your specific issues.

Thanks everyone for joining in on the User Community!


but we don't use chrome but IE - so we should be good - right?

Yes, Patty. In this case, you should be good. Thanks!

We do not use the scan feature at all and are on Chrome. I do not get an update cue when I click on scan. Do I even have to update if we don't use the scan feature?

Hi Leo,

If you don't use scanning, you don't need to worry. Thanks!


I have tried to install the plug-in for Chrome as I have been prompted to do so after clicking on the "scan" link. However, after installing the software & restarting Chrome, I am unable to scan as I get the prompt to install the plug-in again. It appears the plug-in is not activated?

Chrome version: Version 59.0.3054.0 (Official Build)

Any advice?

Jonathan, I get a similar error on the default settings. I had to enable "Plug In Free Scanning and Signatures" to get scanning to work.


Joey, I love it when our customers dive in and help each other out!

Check your email for a special "Thank You" from Procentive. Just our way of saying "Thank you for helping out"!


Where did you find "Plug In Free Scanning and Signatures?" I was unable to locate it in Chrome's settings.

*Forgot to mention our company uses Macbook Pros.

Jonathan, this setting is near the bottom of the page on the Settings Module, Preferences Tab (if my memory is correct).


We use Chrome, however when clicking on the SCAN link, a box does NOT pop up to update and we are NOT able to scan. Suggestions on how to correct this?


We suggest that you remove the Dynasoft software from your computer completely (go to Add/Remove programs on your machine to do this). Then try re-installing Dynasoft again. If this does not work, send in a ticket so we can dive in more specifically for you.


I would check to make sure pop-ups are allowed on your system, and then after that, clear your history/cache, re-boot and try again. If none of these ideas help resolve the problem, please send a ticket to the support desk and will dig into your issue further.

Thank you!