Is there a Program wait list available?

Jonathan Beulke 7 years ago in Appointments Module updated by Christopher Burt 7 years ago 4

Is there an option in Procentive to have a waiting list for a PROGRAM, not just an individual provider? From what I can see, Procentive has a waitlist function in the Appointments Module, but this is only for each individual clinician/provider. Is there a specific function within Procentive that allows us to create a waitlist for a given program, which would allow all providers to see the list of clients on a waitlist for that program? Or is this function restricted to the use of individual providers? If there's a Program waitlist, those on the list will be able to be seen more quickly than if they had to wait for just one provider to have an opening.

Does anyone else use a different method to track those on a waitlist?

Thank you!

We created a dx code of 1-WAITLIST that is put in the dx tab. We then  put the day it was entered as the dx date. We also put out an expiration of 30 days. (this can be extended if needed) You can then easily track waitlist clients by  that dx code. Once assigned we inactivate that code in dx module.

We have created bogus providers - Unassigned ARMHS - and then put NS in front of the last name of the client (because they are not scheduled). That way, the ARMHS Program Director is able to bring up the list of unassigned clients, when she has openings.

Hi Jonathan, 

One more option (*since your agency is already using Programs) would be to create a program called "Waiting List".  You can then use the program start and end dates to track how long their wait has been and inactive the program when they are no longer waiting.  Report 3570 could be used to see who is on the wait list and who has been waiting the longest.

*Note I would not recommend this for agencies that are not currently using programs.


If your organization doesn't have many different programs - I think Missy's advice would be most helpful. However, Sarah's idea is beneficial when you have waiting lists for different programs. I think it would be easier to have fake staff to track the waitlist if you have different waitlists for services - instead of having multiple waitlist programs. It all depends on how large your organization is.

The diagnosis option would work fine, too - but I find that click on the Clients module, and pulling up the fake staff would be the quickest way to get to the waitlist - though you do lose the ability to run 3570 and get that information.