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Who does the credentialing of the therapist for your agency?


Currently I am the one doing the credentialing. We use CAQH and MN Credentialing Collaborative which makes initial and re-credentialing so much easier. Medical Assistance is still by paper and UBH/Optum hasn't started using CAQH but I wish they would!

Cannot stand to do credentialing through UBH/Optum. :(


No kidding. UHB/Optum are a hard nut to crack to begin with and then their process takes so long!


I do it too. We use the MN Credentialing Collaborative as well. We no longer use CAQH as we were told by UBH/Medica that in MN we cannot use it that we have to go directly through UBH/Medica.

Too bad they can't get on MCC, isn't it?

When I spoke to MCC because we upgraded to their pay site she stated they were working with Optum to contract with them this year. Fingers crossed.

That would be sooo great if Optum would do credentialing through MCC!!!

I continue to use CAQH because it's free :) Never know when UBH/Optum will get their act together. I've seen forms that actually ask if a provider has a CAQH # so I'm thinking that maybe just MN is not wanting to use them. The only one that uses CAQH that I've noticed is Humana.

I am relatively new to this industry. I have never used CAQH.

Make sure to check with CAQH that your state is able to use it. My clinicians started to use it without me knowing and they ended up not being credentialed with Optum at all because Optum could not process the MN applications from CAQH.