Another day, another slowdown

Ben Simpson 7 years ago in Clinical Charting Module updated by Pat Stream 7 years ago 4

Getting many reports from frustrated clinicians that Procentive is extremely slow today.

I have ruled out our network, which is flying.

This is getting to the point that the management team and I are actively looking into alternatives. This ammount of downtime/slowdown time is unacceptable.

Thank you Ben for using this forum for communicating with us regarding your experience with Procentive today. By chance, did you also happen to submit a help desk ticket providing us with helpful information that we can use in pinpointing the problem for you? We are in the midst of an ongoing initiative that is aimed at resolving the problems we have identified that are contributing to the speed performance issues the Procentive community has been experiencing.

Hi Pat,

I will instruct clinicians to send a ticket when they experience slowdowns.

Thank you.

We have been sending help tickets, I know you (Procentive) are working on it and appreciate that but this is crazy. We invested in a new modem so we have two now. We are still not getting relief especially in the clinical charting module. Very frustrating.

Started out the day with Procentive working then stopping. Log out, Log back in and the same thing! Is it going to be one of those days?

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