Posting ERA's - Changing the Payer

Kali 7 years ago in Payments/ERA Modules updated by crystalp 7 years ago 1

Good morning!

Does anyone have any Pros or Cons regarding changing the Payer when posting an ERA?
I was going post an ERA from BCBS of MN for Medicare Supplemental plan clients, I noticed the Payer automatically selects "NGS - Medicare". I've always changed this from "NGS - Medicare" to "BlueCross and BlueShield".
As a MN provider, we need to keep track of payments from Medicare and Medicare secondary payers for the Minnesota Care Tax (Provider Tax). Would it be more beneficial for us to keep "NGS Medicare" as the payer, rather than "BlueCross and BlueShield"? Are there any disadvantages/advantages of doing this? Or what has your experience been?

I sometimes have to change the payer because Procentive will select something else that may be similiar but not exactly the payer I want it to be. I know I always have to change my Medical Assistance ERAs bc those always default to Medicare. I mostly change up that one, plus Medica, Medica EAP and UHC are often needed to be changed.