Associate forms with multiple programs?

Jonathan Beulke 7 years ago in Clinical Charting Module updated by teresa trepanier 6 years ago 7

Is it possible to associate completed forms with multiple programs without being required to upload a document twice? For example, we provide ARMHS (1:1 mental health service) and Adult Foster Care and require current Diagnostic Assessments for each program. Often our clients will be using both of our programs simultaneously. When we receive a DA from their psychiatric provider, I'm currently required to upload the DA twice into Procentive in order to associate the DA with each program. Does anyone know if it's possible to assign a document to both programs at one time?


We do not associate our DA's with any programs this way it is open to flow to any program.

kyoung Is this set up through your DA form then?  Did you just have Procentive not associate any programs to your DA form or were you able to do so yourself? Also would this work for Tx Plans? we have multiple programs and we have to associate programs to all the tx plans so they will flow to each program.

Jonathan, did your company figure anything out? We are experiencing the same with our agency. We would like to use one Tx plan that will flow to all of our programs instead of making a tx plan for each program. 


I also run into this. It is very cumbersome for our DA's to be in multiple program for dataflow purposes. If a child is receiving psychotherapy, CTSS, and Case Management, we end up needing three total DA's for the info to flow into the tx plans.

When we have a client in multiple programs, we just have 1 DA and then people manually enter the needed info in the treatment plan. Each program uses their own treatment plan for data flow and for tracking. We track a lot of our revenue based on programs. We also have certain workflows for different programs.


Well I wouldn't want anyone to manually enter info into their treatment plan....especially when the capability for workflow is there, just wish there was a way the DA wasn't program specific and flowed to all treatment plans for the programs we use.


Northern Pines is a CCBHC so we now HAVE to work on an integrated treatment plan, one treatment plan covers all the programs/service areas, for a client.  So we leave the program off the DA and the treatment plan.   

There is a problem, when you bill the service and attached the service line to the form the Program used in the Time entry for that service will populate as the program on the form, even if it was left as none. Staff then have to make sure they go in and change program back to [none].  We asked Procentive if there was a work around for this and there isn't. 

Thank you! We may test that out. Has anyone asked Procentive if there is away to pick multiple programs to associate the DA and or tx plan to all and not have to copy them into each program?