Procentive Extremely Delayed and Slow

Jennifer 7 years ago in User Group Help updated by Pat Stream 7 years ago 10

is this happening for anyone else?

this is a daily occurence for us

Sad :( This is the first time I have had to deal with it

us also. we do have a lot of users on the system at any given time though.

We frequently experience delays and slow-downs.......

Always issues with this, among other things.

We have this issue too, staff really see a delay in clinical/charting and having the data first load. Or when they close a document and reopen it. They get the warning they are editing it.

This has been a daily occurrence for our staff as well. Sometimes taking as long as 3-4 minutes for a document to open up in clinical charting.

We have had issues and continue to have issues with the slowness. We experience delays and slow loading of data.

Thank you Procentive Community members for continuing to use this forum to post about your experiences with the intent of helping each other!! I'm am sorry that you have experienced slow downs. These can be frustrating when you are trying to care for your patients. We stay committed to always enhancing your use of Procentive as we continue to implement measures to optimize the infrastructure of Procentive. I just wanted you all to know that we appreciate your ongoing feedback and we strive to keep improve as one of the best EHR's for the Mental Behavioral Health Providers.