Client Age Report?

Jonathan Beulke 7 years ago in Reporting Module updated by Kevin Holmes 7 years ago 3

Does anyone know what report I can use to get a list of client names, their birthdate, and their age?

You can get these fields in the 3400 report.

I haven't used 3400 before but it looks like a great resource. I just tried it and could not get any data. Suggestions?

Difficult to say why you might get these results. It is a pretty all-encompassing report with lots of filters and options that can impact the results. My only suggestion is to begin with no filters at all, or as few as possible (the filters appear on the left side of the report search screen). At a minimum you would only choose the fields to display. Another tip -- if you choose to output the report in CSV instead of standard, it can sometimes load faster. If none of this works, and since the report deals in PHI, you would need to send a ticket to Procentive with the specifics of how you ran the report. Then the team can take a look. I hope this helps!