245D Services

Larissa 8 years ago in Clinical Charting Module updated by Jonathan Beulke 8 years ago 6

Hi - I am wondering if anyone else is using the CSSP Addendum through Procentive? If so, I would like to chat, we are planning on adding this to Procentive and I have questions!

Hi Larissa,

Our company recently began using the CSSP in Procentive, and we are quite happy with the results. What questions do you have on this?

Hi Jonathan -

Do you operate 245D services in MN?


Yes, we are licensed under 245D for CRS homes in MN.

Hi Jonathan -

Would I be able to arrange to talk with you about how you use Procentive for your agency?


We are adding in our 245D Services and I would like to be able to possibly pick your brain a bit with this as there are a couple of things that I am struggling with.


Sure thing. Just send me an email and we can set something up.