Issue with Procentive Submitter listed on Blue Plus Medicaid claims rejected by Availity

Mary Eisenbraun 1 month ago in Billing/Electronic Modules 0

Has anyone run across this:   All of my Residential SUD Claims started rejecting.  This is the error I receive: 

rror Initiator: HIPAA Message Type: R
Error Code: 0x3938be0
Error Message: Segment HI (Value Information) is used. New instance of segment H
I should not be used when previous one has not been filled out. Segment HI is defined in
the guideline at position 2310. Invalid data: HI*BE:24:::82260

I have changed nothing and received payments previously.   I called Availity and was told it had something to do with Procentive and how they were submitting the submitter.   I submitted a ticket to Procentive and have been waiting for this to be resolved. 

Anyone else run into something like this and if so what options might I have.   Thanks.