Unable to click on anything once logged in.

sarah 3 months ago in Procentive News updated 3 months ago 10

Is anyone having issues moving within Procentive? I am able to log into the system but not able to click on/move to any modules. None of the links on my Home Module are working. I am also not able to send a ticket but I will send a case. Just wondering if it was system-wide of just our agency. Thank you!


We are having the same issue - so definitely system wide.  Guessing it has to do with their update they did last night.  We have put in a ticket to Procentive about it already too. 



PRO is moving slowly this morning. I can complete tasks but at a much slower pace than usual. 



I am able to click on modules and click on things within the modules.  However, the response time after I click on something is extremely slow.  


Yep. I was able to log in and no modules load.  

We got this reply to a new case just now:

We are aware of the issue with Procentive this morning. This has been escalated as it is affecting multiple agencies at this time. As soon as we have an update, I will share that with you.


We are also having problems. We are only able to get into the time module. 


We put a ticket in too. We keep getting page unresponsive error.


I created a "case" at 6:45 this morning.. Can log in but can't do anything other than see the Home module.

I got the same response to my case. Thank you all for letting me know you are also having issues. Some of our staff are able to "move" within Procentive - but as mentioned above - it is very slow. I still can not move from the Home Module. I have logged in three times. I am reminding staff to go back and recheck anything they save. 

Yes our office is still struggling with movement and loading within the program. Anyone from procentive on this???

Yes. There is a post in the User Community from Holly Byrnes (8:11 a.m.) saying they are aware and are working on it.