Using tablets in your office?

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Can anyone share experiences using tablets for collecting data in your offices? Please include the type/browser with your comments. thank you!


I am unsure if you are referring to "collecting data" as a tablet available for clients to come into your office and use through the Client Kiosk? If so, we use a small Dell tablet, for clients who do not have a PC at home. Approximately 90% of our clients use the Client Kiosk to complete their Intake forms, either at their home or in our office.

If you are referring to "collecting data" as what electronic equipment do our therapists use to create, TP, DA and PN, it does vary. All of our therapists started out using IPads; one of the therapist in particular likes the Dragon Dictation feature which is "free". Unfortunately there have been some interfacing problems between Procentive and the IPads, so most of the therapists have moved to using laptops, accessing Procentive through either Safari or Google Chrome. Another therapist uses the Surface Pro. Hope this helps!

Sorry - I should have been more clear. I am talking about collecting data (intake, assessment tools, etc.) from clients.We do use client portal and it's getting better bit by bit, but still a large percentage of clients who come to their appointment and have not completed the paperwork, so rather than give them paper that will need to be scanned and require data entry, we would like to try again with tablets and just looking for success (or not) stories. So Dell and Surface have worked in your system, iPad may be questionable. We have also tried an iPad in the past and had some issues. Appreciate your feedback Paula!

Awesome percentage of clients using electronic paperwork! Good for you!


We are also looking into an easier way to implement electronic paperwork. Interested in the stories as well.


We have been using ipads since Jan 2014 for any client that cannot do paperwork via kiosk. For the most part this goes really well. The only issues we have is when people sit on one page for too long (over 25 minutes) the ipad may lock up and they will not be able to send the page and have to start over. Once in a while (not often) but if Procentive is having some type of glitch with the entire system as the client is filling out a form teh glitch seems to freeze up the form and the client will be allowed to finish it but it will not send. You end up resending the paperwork to the ipad for the client to redo and complete.

We have magnetic keyboards for the ipads and reminding clients to hold the bottom of the keyboard as they carry it to a table to work on is our biggest issue. We have had a couple keyboards hit the ground and that is never good.

thanks for your feedback Gary!


We are just beginning to explore using the client Kiosk feature. Am I to understand that the client must complete the form(s) in one sitting or have to start all over? Also, if there is a glitch in the process they have to start over as well? This leads me to ask if Procentive is working on a "save and come back" option?? Our questionnaire is quite long so to start over at some point would be beyond frustrating!


our first page of the intake paperwork is long too. it is annyoning when they have been working on a page and something like that happens. apparently there is a way to save the page to a Word doc and send it to ticketing at procentive but i have not been able to copy the page because when it freezes up you can't do anything. Hopefully they will clarify this. the time issue we have been having with people doing it via kiosk is if they walk away to find information they need to complete the form (list of meds for example) and they let the form sit idle for too long (i have heard some get up and go to the bathroom, get coffee and try to come back to it) and it will time out. it does not show that it times out but when you go to SEND it nothing happens. We tell clients when fill out the intake paperwork via kiosk that they will need about 20 minutes to complete it and when answering the quesitons on the questionnaire to answer to the best of their ability and not get up and go find things to help complete the form. this has been helping. (we have a note when the client receives the paperwork via email that they will need to allow 20 minutes to do the paperwork but people don't always read so we tell them at time of booking intake too)

most current issue we have been having with kiosk is people trying to do it on their smart phones. We need to capture signatures and cell phones will not give you the option to sign things, so again when doing the intake over the phone with the client and we say we can send the paperwork via email we specifically say they cannot do the forms on their smart phones. This too has helped in capturing correct completed kiosk paperword.

Well, there have been improvements. At this point, a client can complete each form separately rather than the entire set of forms. But if they start a form and don't complete it, it can't be saved to resume later. Provided they are able to submit the partially-completed form, we would need to send it back out for them to complete. (this is how it works through portal anyway)

Thanks for feedback Jana and Gary. Perhaps there will be a solution in the future that a client can save and log back in to complete a form!


For what it's worth - I am able to send paperwork to the client portal, I can log in to portal and complete the paperwork on my iPhone with no issues. It's a 6+, so decent-sized viewing screen. I sign with my finger. :) I had to add Adobe Reader, so we have incorporated that into our instructions to clients, but other than that - it's pretty slick.

We do encourage our clients to set aside one hour to complete our forms, through client kiosk. We do mention that the link will time out if left unattended for too long. Over half of the clients are successful with using this feature. Some of the problems that we have are the following: the email that is sent out usually goes to their "spam" folder. Sometimes they have to add us to their contact list, before they are allowed to move the email from spam into their Inbox. We always remind clients to not use their smart phone, they need to use their desktop or laptop. (We have not had good-luck with IPad users). We do have several clients that need to be resent forms for some/all of the forms. To have a client redo all of the forms can be frustrating for them and for us. The email link can sit in their Inbox for 30 days, unattended, or it will expire. Walking a client through client kiosk does take a lot of our time, but yet we believe it is worth it because the Intake paperwork flows directly into a lot of the therapist clinical charts, thus saves them time in the long-run.

Good feedback. Yes, the flow of data into other forms is a huge efficiency. We are hoping to increase our use of that in the near future.


We use Chromebooks for the front desk when a client needs to complete some paperwork and a handful or our therapists use them in session.

Hi Everyone,

Just tried to use an Android device with the Kiosk feature. It failed. The error message read something to the effect of: The Android browser does not support this function".

Back to the drawing board.

I have used a cheap Android tablet successfully for administering HDIs via the kiosk in the office, and it has worked fine. I use Chrome. Maybe that makes is difference.

Hi Richard,

Strange that we are having such different results. Could you tell me more about what device you are using?

I just replicated the problem with each of the available electronic documents in my organization's Procentive. None of them work. They all send the same error to the kiosk device.

Using a Galaxy Tab A, running Android 5.1.1.

Running the latest version of Chrome (54.0.2840.85).

Also tested with FireFox, same issue, same error message.

Here is the exact error message:

"app.procentive.com says: This form does not work with the built-in Android browser."

Just tried to use the email function of the kiosk as a workaround for this problem. This also failed. Opened the link provided in the email, told Android to use Chrome to open it, got the same error message as above.

Huh. My Android tablet is at my office, so I don't have info about the device handy, but it sounds like maybe there is a difference between administering the HDI via the kiosk vs your task. You may have already done this, but I would submit a ticket to the Procentive help team.