Clearinghouse denial: entity code

Steph H 12 months ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated by Paula 12 months ago 1

Need help troubleshooting a clearinghouse rejection. Randomly, there is a 3 week period in which a large portion of my OP SUD Ucare PMAP claims are getting rejected citing   ":ENTITY'S SPECIALTY CODE, ENTITY'S SPECIALTY, TAXONOMY C

I cannot figure out where this is stemming from. Nothing has changed w/our clinicians, billing, coding etc and the taxonomy code is the same as it has been. Strangely, this was only an issue for a few weeks in April.  Did anyone else have this issue?  Solutions?

Hi Steph

I had this happen not to long ago:


Staff Module

Billing Tab

Make sure you have the taxonomy in the "Specialty" field.

Hope that helps