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Shauna D. 2 years ago in Payments/ERA Modules updated 2 years ago 4

Does anyone still have UCare Minnesota (new 2022 payer) claims that are sitting in 'pending' status on UCare site and not paid? Mine just hit 60 days. Looks like many of them are being manually processed  . . . I'm getting payments verrrrrry slowly trickling in.  I've been calling and hold time yesterday was 33 minutes and got 2 claims sent back for reprocessing.  Just looking to see if this is only me, or playing the waiting game all around.


Yes. I am seeing the same thing. I was at 57 days yesterday on a ton of claims. I haven’t called yet. I had my fingers crossed that I would see something early next week. 


Good morning,

UCare is struggling with processing new 2022 payer claims. I've been working on the UCare claims for the past 2-1/2 weeks. I've called UCare several times. They are finalizing claims but it will take more than 60 BUSINESS days. I'm finding that is true and sometimes longer, 90 days. I watch the claims from the UCare provider portal. As long as there are no claim issues for denials or rejections, the claims will pay. 


We just received an ERA today that has January and February dates.

Thanks for the info everyone!!  Very appreciated.