Taking payments @ reception

Kim Ross 8 years ago in Appointments Module updated 8 years ago 3

Is anyone using the appointments module feature in the "change appointments" box that records at payment at checkin? There are two options: one for reference only and the other is a link that actually creates the payment. How is this working for you? Is there a report that can be used to access the "reference only" information? Also, the receipt prints as a full-size paper. Is there a way to reduce the size and paper waste?

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Hi Kim! There is no report that pulls this reference only information. This is typically used for companies that do not have billing capabilities from within Procentive (Clinical-Only Product) or if the front desk should not be adding the actual payments. You could possibly scale the receipt as a printer setting if you wanted to save paper as well.

I'm interested to hear how others use the payment reference area and the process surrounding that!

We use the receipt in the appointment module for clients who are requesting an itemized receipt - something more than a credit card slip - for their records. Often the client will need this detail for their HSA account.

Thanks Maryp. Does this happen upon checkin? Do your reception staff collect and enter the payment (credit, cash or check) and print the receipt?