ERA: Save All

Jessica M. 3 years ago in Payments/ERA Modules updated by LaVonne James 3 years ago 3

The director for our facility and I were talking about the SAVE ALL feature or claims in the ERA systems. I read about it in the training module but have never used it. Does any group use this? If so any issues you have seen from it? 


I use this feature all the time for PMAP's and MA plans only "after" I review the remit for any denials. I only use this feature for "clean" remits. 

I love this feature. I'm grateful the engineers created it. It saves alot of time. 


We use it on all of our remits too, but do have to go back and look at the denied ones and correct those (as it automatically adjusts them off), but it is definitely a time saver for sure. 

You can also check the box that indicates "except unmatched transactions" that are marked with a red x. Those will not post either or do any type of automatic write off.