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We are looking for a feasible work-around for if users are completing an in-home visit with a client and are unable to access Procentive to have necessary forms signed/completed.
What does your agency currently do? Do you typically reschedule the appointment or have paper forms with the understanding that in order to track the documents correctly they must be added/signed in Procentive at a later date?
Thank you!


If we are in that situation, we have our MHPs bring paper copies to fill out and signed while at the in-home meeting. Once completed, we created a blank digital document of the same form in Procentive, scan & upload the paper document, and sign it. If the document utilizes workflow, we will still upload the paper copy, but will type in the info to the digital document. If it workflow isn't needed, ie releases, we are satisfied with just the upload.

Thank you so much for your response! That is what we were leaning towards but I wanted to check with others before implementing that.

I do have one more question. How do you typically handled the dates for the forms that do utilize workflow?
Do you use the dates of the original signatures?

Yes, we use the original signature dates written on the paper copies. If we didn't do that, everything would easily get mixed up with actual expiration dates, billing, and auditing. If we were ever audited and didn't go by the actual signed date, we could potentially be penalized for operating with expired signatures if the "digital" dates and "paper" dates don't match up.

*Earlier when I mentioned the workflow issue, I meant data flow: data automatically populating on related documents.

Wonderful, that's what we were thinking as well but wanted to check.
Thanks again for your help!