phantom tickets

SJoy 3 years ago in User Group Help updated by sarah 3 years ago 4

My ticket is flashing but no ticket's insight? How do I fix this? 

Have you looked at completed tickets?

Some staff don't understand that the ticketing module is not like email. If they complete a ticket to get it out of their ticketing module, it takes it out of EVERYONE's ticketing module. I'm guessing Jason L. is spot-on - it's a comment on a completed ticket.

I have looked through all competed tickets. There is nothing there. I even opened most of them to be sure. 

Any other Ideas? 

Sorry! That has always been the issue for us. If you send a ticket to Procentive, they can usually figure out which one it is. Good luck! It might be one you were removed from by a staff member - after they commented.