miscellaneous notes

Rochelle Garcia 4 years ago in Clinical Charting Module updated by sarah 4 years ago 3

Where do other providers document miscellaneous notes on clients? For example, when you send a client discharge letter or contacted the client in regards to their insurance? So not necessarily clinical notes but more administrative information that needs documented for future reference.  Do you create a note in clinical charting or do you use the Notes tab?

Trying to find a solution for non-clinical items to be recorded and easily accessed.  I feel that incase of an audit this information should also be available to show continuity of care.


We use the notes tab. We use the drop down "financial" to keep those notes. Only Champions are able to see the notes

Hi Rochelle,

We use the notes tab from the client module. We have created a number of note titles and colored each title to track information. For example Hardship Waivers, FLASH Appointment Notes, Billing Statement Notes, Claim Tracking notes, and so forth. We are dependent on these to guide us on each unique case. You can also set these notes up to view on the appointment calendar dashboard. 

We also use the Notes Tab. We have created some for clinicians - a flashing Copay note that will show up in the Appointments Module and one the appointment, itself. We also have a Do Not Schedule note. That is where I note if a client is on hold for non-payment. Since I am in the Client Module more than the Clinical/Charting Module, it is a better spot for those notes - and having them flash in the appointment helps clinicians to see them.

We use one Insurance note for all things pertaining to the client's insurance, and put the newest comment on top - with the date of the note listed first. This helps us to organize the information and we don't end up with three or four Insurance notes for clients whose insurance lapses - but we have a timeline as to when it has in the past.