workflow and workflow defeinitions

shsmark 8 years ago in Workflow Module updated by Sheryl Martin 8 years ago 4

I would love some feedback from anyone who has had a satisfactory experience with work flow and workflow definitions. How did you set it up and how is it working for your agency?

I like workflow! We've started using it for a lot of processes: due dates for MHIS reporting, county reporting, discharge summaries, BSL 23, WHODAS, etc.

Our clinical staff is starting to appreciate workflow as well. :)

Right now we use it for notifications on prior auths and for updating signatures on consents. Works great!


We use workflow for our billing staff, UR staff, and QA staff to get notifications when certain documents are completed or created. It's been extremely useful but has taken us some time to get our processes dialed in. The more complex workflow defininitions seem to be more of a challenge in making my brain think like the computer as far as what triggers what and how but overall it's been a positive addition to our practice and aiding in communication.


We use ours for reminders of DA's and ITP's that are due; CASII and ECSII's due; DA's and ITP's ready for signature by practitioners' clinical supervisor; administrative paperwork due such as ROI's, privacy policy, financial information. Once we get the clinicians onboard, they appreciate it, too!

Bobbi is right--the complex definitions require a lot of thought, and sometimes there's a mistake, but worth it in the end when it's all flowing right!