Associate Billing Code to Specific Programs

Jonathan Beulke 4 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated 4 years ago 2

Does anyone know if I can/how I can associate a billing code for a specific program within Procentive?  For example, when our LADCs create a service line, I only want them to be able to see the billing codes specific to 245G, not codes for our residential and mental health clinic programs.

I tried figuring this out on my own, but have not been able to find something that may work for what I need.


What we have done is, in the payer module, under each payer - Rates Tab - Program/Codes Sub-tab - we have entered each code and rate for each specific program. That way, our DBT billing only has 90791 or H2019 codes available for them to bill, so they don't mistakenly bill 90837 or 90853. They are still able to see all codes when using the little hamburger next to the drop-down, but only the available codes for each program show up in the drop-down. If they use a code that is not specifically listed for their program, a time error pops up, so things don't bill in error. Hope this helps!

Thanks Sarah, we will give that a shot, as we primarily have been using the "Codes" sub-tab.    It's too bad you can't do something like this in the Codes module, as it seems that would make this a bit quicker. 

Thanks for the advice.