Setting Default Accounting Payment Terms on statements

Jonathan Beulke 4 years ago in Reporting Module updated by sadie twite 4 years ago 11

Does anyone know if there's a setting in Procentive to set payment terms when generating statements?  When generating statements from report 3560 I know I'm able to add information in the Instructions field, but the data I enter here does not appear on all of the generated statements.  It's inconsistent and appears random, almost as if this is a bug in the report.

Thanks in advance for the help or advice.

Instructions will print on all statements

Past Due will print on all statements with balance over 30 days

Thanks Mark,

The problem I have is what I enter in the instructions box does not print on all statements when running this report.  It seems the Instruction box in my case is behaving like the Past Due box as you pointed out.

How much text are you entering? maybe it is causing it to be removed for overage.

Try something simple and generate statements (just don't put them in the client files)

That way you can troubleshoot it a little more

In total it's 3 lines of text with a space entered between the 2nd & 3rd line.  In terms of total characters, it's definitely fewer than what's contained in the screenshot you posted.  I did run them again this morning and the data does seem to be posting on each statement, so it could've been a browser or cache issue.  Thanks for the tip about what the Past Due notice does, as I was not aware of this.

No problem, glad it helped :)

Good morning Mark,

I was reviewing this post this morning, and noticed on your past due notice memo that you are indicating an interest charge for unpaid bills.  How are you adding this interest fee to the client's bills?  I haven't been able to find something like this in the billing settings, so am I right to assume you use a non-billable code?

Correct, created a code for interest / administrative fee and we have to manually add it.

We used to add it each month but now typically add it only when we send it to collections

Has your agency found success with sending debt to collections or is it more of a waste of time? If so, do you like the company you work with?  We fortunately have not had to deal with non-payment until now, so this is a new area for me to have to figure out.

Hi Jonathan, we have not had much luck with collections agencies. We actually had one drop us because we didn't make enough revenue for them. Curious how you have had success in collecting and not running into this issue yet? We are looking to put a policy together to make some collections on the front end instead after discharge. Do you have any suggestions?

Hi Sadie. Until this past year, most of our revenue came from MA and other PMAPs and only really had to work with private pay when we opened our 245G SUD clinic last year. Our SUD IOP clinic is about 25% pp, while the rest are CCDTF or have insurance. When the clinic first opened we were naive in assuming that pp clients in the program would promptly pay their bills, so we had to struggle to play catch up and just got lucky with most of the private payers.

After consulting with our attorney numerous times and drafting several documents & policies, we essentially now require all pp clients to pay with cash or check at the time of service. If they miss a payment, we request that it's made up at the next appointment. If they still don't pay after that, we will suspend services until their account is paid or they agree to ACH where I will make weekly draws to keep their account current. Due to the virus and being mostly telehealth at this point, we give pp clients one option: ACH. It takes some extra time in my day, but it's absolutely worth it. 

We did discuss with our attorney about advance payments, but she brought up a good point that if the client goes MIA, we're required by law to return the unused funds to them, or hold onto it for 2 years if we can't locate them and then turn it to the Dept of Rev as "lost funds."  It's doable, but just more potential work than I'd prefer.

Hi Jonathan,

Would you be willing to share the documents & policies you set up? We are working to draft a policy ourselves and have been trying to gather input any where we can. If you are willing, my email is sadie.twite@mntc.org. Thank you!