Notification in Group appointments for Private Pay clients

Jonathan Beulke 4 years ago in Appointments Module updated 4 years ago 2

For our clinic's group sessions we have a mixture of clients who pay for services through insurance, and also those who choose to go the private pay route.  From what we can tell within the Appointments module, there isn't a quick "at a glance" way to determine which clients are private pay, and which ones have insurance coverage.  Does anyone know of a setting or something you have done to quickly show which clients are private pay while remaining in the Appointments module?  The primary reason wanting to see this info is when private pay clients check in, they are responsible for making a payment at the time of the appointment.

Are you using the Configure panel?  Payer can be displayed there, and you are able to select each client within a group appointment to see each of their info in the panel. 

Thanks Jana,

We were able to find something in there that will work for us.