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Does anyone know if MA is going to cover telemedicine?  When I try to validate a claim on MN-Its using the 02 POS and GT modifier I get a denial. 

Try dropping the GT modifier.  I don't think they require it any longer.  Just POS 02

MA accepts POS 02. No modifier.

I still get a denial when I take off the GT modifier and just use 02. When I verify the claim I get a 454 rejection - "Procedure Code for Services Rendered."

We didn't have our Provider Assurance Agreements on file with MA prior to COVID hitting, they are in now, but could that be the issue?  


Very possible.  Need to have the Provider Assurance Statements in.

I just spoke some one at DHS since we are having the same issue and she said its because of the Assurance statement and that it can take up to 30 days for them to process it. 

If it helps, they went back to the signature date on our forms - once the approved everyone.


It seems like they would waive the requirement for the Assurance statement.  Thanks everyone for the feedback!

Does anyone know if Blue Plus is requiring assurance statements?  If so where did you fax or email them. Thanks! 


We have not been told they need them.

I was told by Blue Plus that the provider contract covers anything that might be required for telemed. 

I had claims returned denied because of incorrect taxonomy code.  Our codes shouldn't need to change, correct?

The codes are the same, its just adding the 02 POS. 

My claims are denying as well.  I called the Helpdesk and was told that it's because our providers are not listed as "telemed" in their system, that this will update once they have entered the information from the Provider Assurance Agreements that we sent in but they didn't know how long that would be because they are getting so many. 

Good morning,

We are receiving denials for MA telehealth billing as well. In our conversation with MA, We were advised they are in the middle of processing all of the PAA forms (Provider Assurance Agreement). Form 2086. We were told about 30 days for these forms to populate their system. I might advise "holding" all claims to MA for awhile until MA has a chance to get caught up. 

It took two years for our location additions to get entered into their system, so I'm hoping things are better on this!

We have been doing Telehealth for a long time and those have paid..  We have started providing some other services via Telehealth but those aren't paying.  It doesn't add up that some telehealth codes pay but others don't (same provider)   We were told form was 6806 Provider Assurance Statement for Telemedicine.  

Does anyone know where to find the Form 2086 - Provider Assurance Agreement Form?


i was told its form # is 68066806 form

Awesome. Thank You so much for the form. 

I was hoping MA would waive the requirement for Provider Assurance Form but that doesn't appear to be the case. 

We were hoping the required form would be waived as well for at least a small window of time. 

I submitted the 6806 for everyone and changed the location to (02).  I assume then its the form.  Thanks

That is what we sent in, and they said ours were good. Fingers crossed!

Question are any of your providers clinical trainees? 

I noticed they are allowing supervised clinicians to provide telemedicine services but did you submit a Provider Enrollment application for those clinicians that are being supervised along with the PAA 6806 form or just the PAA?

I do most of the credentialing for everyone and with our building closed I cant have clinicians sign these forms.  It does say client representative in the signature area; do you think it would be ok for me to sign and submit? If not I will have to mail and have the forms mailed back to me so I can fax.  

Also I looked today an there is a new for 6806A Telephonic Telemedicine Provider Assurance Statement.  Did anyone complete this as well.

Im so thankful that we have this platform to get answers!

We did not fill them out for our clinical trainees. Only our licensed staff. We had our Executive Director sign on one, and they wanted the clinician's signature. Are you able to send it to them attached to a ticket, instead of mailing them out? This should cut down on time for you!

We did the same this as Sarah; no forms for trainees, but each clinician had to sign their own form.

Quick question, I'm wondering if there's a way to temporarily suspend a payer from the billing process? I too was instructed to hold off on any telehealth billing to MA until the 6806A's are loaded in DHS's system, 30 days from receipt. I don't really want to do anything per client (enter a pending auth). Was looking for a more generalized across the board temporary fix to the payer perhaps. Any ideas? This would be a safeguard from accidentally sending any telehealth claims.

Yes, I am suspending billing to MA for 30 days until DHS has time to upload the Provider Assurance forms. When we create billing in PRO, I skip billing MA. It's too time-consuming to identify all the MA DOS and too time-consuming to add individual auths to each account to pend billing. I haven't found another, more efficient way of doing this, yet. 

For the Provider Assurance statement do we need one for every Licensed person or just one for the whole business. 

Hi All!

Hope everyone is doing good with the current situation.  We want to offer up a way so you don't have to suspend ALL of your claims for MN MA.

You can skip billing just the Telehealth claims to help allow them to catch up.

The way to do this is to go to the Billing Module > Select Add.  Click on MN-MA hyperlink, then click on the blue header "Place of Service".  This will sort them by place of service.  You can then click the check box "Skip" for the Telehealth claims but still be able to bill out other Place of Service claims that you may have.

Hopefully this will help you out with billing for MN-MA!

Perfect. That works. Thank you, Chris. 


Hi Everyone, 

I just spoke to Missy at the MA Helpdesk so said that providers who are waiting for their Provider Assurance Agreements to process should just bill their with your normal POS instead of the 02 so your claims don't deny.  She didn't know if MA would have us file replacement claims after everything is in place or not, so she advised that we keep track of these claims in case we have to go back later.  

For what it's worth, I just spoke to a DHS rep and asked about this and she seemed to think this is for "telephonic" claims only (telephone only), and not to be confused with telehealth claims that utilize a video component too. I'm opting to continue to pend my MA claims until I know the assurance statements are loaded in DHS's system.