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Does anyone know of a voice transcription product that would be compatible with clinical charting in Procentive?


Thank you - we will check into these options!

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Drake - we have partnered with a transcription company called eTransMed. They have transcriptionists who are excellent in their use of Procentive. I recommend calling the following contact if you are seeking to understand their service:

Tammy Carmicheal

Business Office Director/Sales

eTransMed, LLC

Office - 402-614-0217

Cell - 402-415-8046

Fax - 402-614-0805


Greetings to Drake and the rest of the group interested in using voice transcription with Procentive.

I have been using Dragon, v. 12.5 and 13.0, with some success. Dragon defaults to the dictation box mode, and is slower than usual, and seems to get slower as the dictation progresses, but is still, IMHO, satisfactory- much better than typing, at least for brief notes and documents that are a few paragraphs long. For documents that are longer, it woudl be tedious- but transfer a few paragraphs of text and then open a new dictation box and that sort of reboots Dragon.

I find I can transcribe directly in Procentive using the latest Dragon 14 software. Doesn't require the dictation box anymore. It runs $99

Thanks to Luke for this very helpful info, which is good news. The dictation box is better than typing manually (very 20th century), but is still a nuisance. Even better news, i think, is that Nuance, publishers of Dragon, is promoting the upcoming release of Dragon 15. This means that 14 will soon be discounted.

Oops, It is actually Dragon 15 that you can directly dictate into Procentive

It sounds like Luke is talking about Dragon Professional Individual 15. Well, that is still pretty good news as Nuance has that version on sale for $99 for existing Dragon customers until Sept. 30, regular price $300. If you prorate $99 over many dictations per day, for several years, that is money well spent, I think. .

Luke: When you say "transcribe directly in Procentive", what do you mean? How does that work?



In past versions you could not directly dictate into Procentive. You would have to dictate in another application and then paste in into Procentive. Now you can do so directly into whatever Procentive note, DA or treatment plan there is.

Are there any new users of Dragon (or other speech recognition products) with Procentive since this post?   If so, what product, what version and what has been the experience - good, bad, etc.?    We have several staff using it satisfactorily although some are dictating directly into Procentive while others dictate to Word, then paste to Procentive. 

We have several staff who use Dragon and it works very well.  

Thank you Jana! Do you by chance access Procentive through a server? I am just trying to work out the compatibility options.

Not sure what you mean, but we log in to Procentive via Chrome browser (forgot to mention that - it doesn't seem to work well through Internet Explorer). 

Hi there- 

Can you specify what version of Dragon software your team is using that is compatible with Procentive?


Mine is Dragon Premium

We also use Dragon, we use Dragon Professional 14 and have recently come in to some issues where it is not dictating directly into Procentive templates.  We have contacted Nuance support and are now using the Dragon pad so we dictate into Dragon Pad which is like a word document then copy and paste it into Procentive's templates.  This process does take extra time but at least we can still use it.  Jana have your users experienced this issue with Dragon?  If not what version are your users using?

I do have one user who has recently reported some sporadic strangeness but she is newer to Dragon and I think she is still getting to know it.  She is using the Dragon pad and Transfer to move text directly into Procentive.  We also have users who transcribe to Word and then copy/paste to Procentive.  Not quite as efficient but they are still happy not having to type it all.  Plus they get their system and rhythm down and it works pretty well.  In either case, we do use the Dragon pad to transcribe, then click Transfer to move it to the textbox where the cursor is in Procentive.

I also use Dragon pro 14, and I have some ongoing problems, seems a bit worse recently, but have noticed two patterns: first, if I’m dictating and  make a mistake, and correct the mistake, it seems to break the connection with Procentive. I have learned to make corrections only after completing all the dictation. Second, I have noticed that if I tab between fields on the form, rather than using the mouse to move to new field, it seems to increase the chances of maintaining the connection with Procentive.

Thanks Richard for the feedback! I will let our two providers know that by tabbing or stopping to correct the dictation could be causing the break in connection with Procentive.

Following up on my previous post, about tabbing and going back to correct mistakes, I have monitored how this works and found it to work flawlessly. I do, however, have to be strict about tabbing between fields and never, ever, correcting a mistake while I am still in the field - it is a pain to have to go back to correct it, but I am still able to create notes with Dragon much faster than by old-fashioned typing.

Thanks for this - the joys of software and its idiosyncrasies, right?  I really appreciate this forum.

We have two prescribers who utilize Dragon Professional.  They seem to like it, but with psych medications there is a lot of spelling that needs to be corrected as Dragon doesn't recognize the spelling of some of the medications.  You can train it to recognize those spellings going forward as well.   Dragon Medical was too expensive, so Dragon Professional was what was recommended by Nuance.  Hope this helps.