Is anyone having problems with the appointment module when sorting by location?

Shondell 4 years ago in Appointments Module updated by Amanda Kaufmann 4 years ago 7

We can bring up a single provider, but when we try to do all providers at a location we get nothing but a white screen. Everything worked just fine yesterday.

Same, we also cannot process credit card payments through Procentive. I have submitted a ticket but this is making it very hard to do business this morning

We are having issues as well!  I have a ticket submitted also!

Yes, we are having issues in the Appt module and Eligibility Module so far this morning.  

Yes, we are having issues with Appointment Module as well.

Problem is the same here as well.

There is nothing on the Known Issues page yet so hopefully they're able to give us a status soon


Procentive is aware that in the Appointments Module you're currently receiving a white screen when the filters are set to:

  1. Show All Staff at Location
  2. Show Staff Groups

If you select the other filter options, you will be able to see the calendar options for those filters.

We are working towards a resolution quickly this morning and will update when available.

Please monitor via the Live Updates page, as this has been updated. 

Thank you!

Amanda Kaufmann

Customer Success Manager