Optum Peer to Peer Review Phone Calls

ahuseby 4 years ago in User Group Help updated 4 years ago 2

Has anyone else been receiving phone calls from Optum demanding to speak to their therapists directly in regards to doing peer to peer reviews on their clients?  

The phone calls have been taking approx 30 mins each for our therapists and the person calling is asking about clinical information for how we are providing therapy to our clients; all of which would be in our documentation.  When asked why they don't just ask for our documentation, they are told that it isn't about that and that it is more of a peer to peer thing.  Once the person that is calling gets all of the information about the case, they then review it with their team and call us back with their recommendations.  Basically informing us how to provide treatment to our clients. Doesn't seem like a very good use of our therapists time and we haven't had anything like this in the past, so just wondering if others are receiving these as well.

I had a few of these "helpful" calls in the past - they were always in response to sending in the Optum Wellness Assessment form.  It was really a nuisance - and a disincentive to send in the form, in my opinion. If your calls are not associated with the form, then you should call provider relations to find out why you are being "helped." 

We have not been filling out that form, so I have also reached out to a contact with Provider Relations to see why all of a sudden we would be receiving these calls.  But very interesting about the form and definitely would make one think twice before filling it out if that's going to be the result from it.  Thank you for your insight as well!