Download PDF version of multiple records at one time

Jonathan Beulke 5 years ago in Clinical Charting Module updated by Mark Cornell 5 years ago 3

My clinic is being asked to submit client records to another facility, which involves hundreds of individual records.  Is there a way to download pdf versions of multiple records at one time instead of opening each record individually?  I know we could easily fax them within Procentive, but we don't currently have the faxing feature.


The 2010 report would be a great option. You’re able to choose which client and specific documents you’d like to run the report for. Once that has been done, it will generate all clinical documents in to a new window for you to download and save. 
If you have additional questions on how this report functions, please feel free to send us a ticket.

Thank you!  
Amanda Kaufmann 

Customer Success Manager 

Try the 2010 report. Use your date span for the docs you need then you can choose your specific docs

Thanks, i got that report from chat also.  Our problem is that the clinician uploaded a .docx and some .jpgs to the chart.

It seems that everything has to be .pdf for the report to work correctly.

Works great now that we changed the files :)