Modifiers for billing 2 codes in one day?

Kim Ross 8 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated by crystalp 8 years ago 3

Does anyone have experience with adding modifiers, such as 59, 77 or 78 when you need to bill two codes, such as 90837 and 90847? Is it possible to bill more than 2 codes on the same day and be reimbursed?

We have successfully done so once using modifier 59. However, it was for a child and it was BCBS. The other key factor is to be sure each separate CPT has its own documentation.

It would depend on the payer, but you can bill two different codes on the same day for payment. When in doubt, I always added on the '59' modifier to ensure seperate services.

For those who have been successful at using modifier 59 or 76 or 77, do you know if all of the codes need to be billed at the same time in order for the second code with the modifier to pay? We just had one deny, I think bc the first code was billed before the other code.