Pro-trivia Time! How well do you know Procentive?

Sara Serier 9 years ago in Procentive News updated by Kim Ross 9 years ago 5

What other companies fall under the “Procentive” umbrella? (Bonus points if you can explain what they do!)


BillCare, which acts as the 'Billing department" for clinics who desire to use BillCare.

Thanks, Crystal!

There is 1 other company as well... any ideas??


yeah, it's something regarding therapy..I think. I can' t think of the name.

Yes, very close! Tevera is our other company. It is a software that receives, maintains, and transmits specific client data to generate reports and send directly to EHR systems for mental and behavioral health therapists to assist in the treatment of their clients.

Crystalp is a rock star!