Duplicate Diagnoses

kajohnson 2 weeks ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated by Jason L 2 weeks ago 2

Question about the functionality of the Diagnosis tab as it relates to Inpatient (Residential calendar) billing.  The Diagnosis tab on the Change Client window has the capacity to record detailed, extensive patient diagnosis history, but when it comes to billing inpatient/residential claims through the residential calendar in the time module, all the distinctions from that tab are lost - it seems the full history is pulled in to the claim, regardless of program, date, or status.  Is there a way to use the full capacity of this tab and not have most/all (including duplicates) pull into the claim?

I would love to know the answer to this as well. I have brought this up to Procentive many times but have not gotten a straight answer and not much help when it comes to the residential diagnosis. I had asked for an enhancement to add the diagnosis within the calendar if the diagnosis tab was not going to work the same way it should for OP and MH services. The enhancement was never approved.

I also requested more detail around this. The residential diagnosis codes function differently than others. Individual and group add can be set up to pull only diagnosis codes tied to the program the service line is being added to, but residential time add isn't the same.