Errors and can't login

KatieW 5 years ago in Procentive News updated by Amanda Kaufmann 5 years ago 7

I can't get back into Procentive to send a ticket but I was kicked out after extra, error tabs opening. Others in my company are also experiencing errors

We are currenlty down also!

We also were experiencing some similar issues, but is now working again!

We were unable to get in for a few minutes.  Right now I am back in hoping it stays up and running.

Ours is back working. Just a minute of not being able to get into it. Thank you!

Please see the Live Updates page for the most up to date information regarding Procentive. 

Thank you,

Amanda Kaufmann

Customer Success Manager 


Thank you, we're back up now. I had checked the Live Updates page first but it hadn't shown the issue so I wanted to make sure your team was aware of the problem since I couldn't send a ticket.

Thanks Katie! The page sometimes takes longer on my end to update, than it does for us to work through the quick blip. 

Happy to report, we're back up and fully functional. 

Have a great day everyone!