Federal BCBS

sadie twite 5 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated by Shondell 5 years ago 2


We are continually having problems with getting paid by Federal BCBS plans for residential treatment with room & board. Do any of you providers bill this payer and what codes are you using?

I believe that you do not use the 0120 add-on code for federal plans.  Only send the one line with the 1001 code for Residential Tx with R&B.  I believe the payment is inclusive.  

Check your per diem and try that to see if it passes through the Electronic Module.  We've had this issue before.

I am in North Dakota.  For us, I can't submit Federal BS claims like I do for regular BS.  We use the 1001 without a procedure code for days the client is present and 0180 for leave days.