SDQ and CASII Documentation

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Question:Are SDQ and CASII's still required?  I never see any communication with DHS, once we submit. Are you completing for only MA clients or all PMAP clients? 

They are still required.  We submit for all carriers, PMAP and commercial.  Good luck!


We do as well. Intake, every 6 months and then at discharge.

Is this for clinics that are licensed by DHS-Rule 29 Clinics? The only mandated assessment that I know of from insurance companies for private practice (not Rule 29) are the Wellness Assessments by Medica, are those still required?

It is a CTSS requirement, but we generally do it for all birth to 18, just to be safe.

Hi all,

I thought I would pass this bulletin along, I believe it is the most updated bulletin regarding CASII/SDQ.

"Since July 1, 2009, the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) has required children’s mental health
service providers to utilize the Child & Adolescent Service Intensity Instrument (CASII) or Early Childhood Service
Intensity Instrument (ECSII) and the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ) for children receiving publicly
funded clinical services


DHS just updated the Diagnostic Assessment (DA) report components as of June 13, 2019.  This list shows what is required for each type of diagnostic assessment.  It also  states at the bottom:

Functional Status of the DA

Capturing the member’s functional status within the DA is required. To align with the current Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM), federal guidelines and state regulations for functional impacts, providers must ensure symptom descriptions (at a minimum include the frequency, intensity and impact) are integrated into the diagnostic assessment. Include this information in the clinical summary.

• The functional status components required for children under 5 years old (ECSII, SDQ) and 5-18 years old (CASII, SDQ).

• The WHODAS 2.0 is still an acceptable method to capture functional status in a diagnostic assessment for adults.


I'd like to know how other agencies enter the information? Do the clinicians themselves do it or do you have a administrative person enter? If clinicians, does each clinician have their own MNITS account?


We have an administrative staff who enters our information. Does anyone bill for it, using the H0031 UA code? I would be interested to hear if anyone gets paid for the task - using a MH Professional entering the information.


Good afternoon,

We have administrative staff who score the SDQ's in MN-ITs and then enter into Procentive.  The therapists are responsible for completing the CASII before the SDQ's are scored.  

Has anyone begun using or know anything about the LOCUS (Level of Care Utilization System)? One of our providers received info regarding this in a Provider Notice "bulletin" from Optum dated September 2019.

If so, who is required to use, how often, etc. 

And as was asked in an earlier post below, is there a way to bill and get reimbursed for completing any of the typical assessments; CASII/ECSII, SDQ and the like? I found cpt 96127, but would like to have a better understanding of its use. Anyone?