MHCP told us that the DX Code F99 No longer valid

Tanya Milner 5 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated 5 years ago 8

Has anybody else been told F99 is no longer a valid code? MHCP told us that a claim did not get paid because as of June 2019 this code is no longer being used.

If this is the case, is there another code that will replace it? We use this when we do not have a specific DX for a client yet.


We got a thing awhile ago from MHCP regarding billing before the DA.  They issued a list of codes that could be used for reimbursement before having a DX.  Here they are:

R45 Symptoms and signs involving emotional state (The R45 is not billable)

  • R45.0 Nervousness
  • R45.1 Restlessness and agitation
  • R45.2 Unhappiness
  • R45.3 Demoralization and apathy
  • R45.4 Irritability and anger
  • R45.5 Hostility
  • R45.6 Violent behavior
  • R45.7 State of emotional shock and stress, unspecified
  • R45.8 Other symptoms and signs involving emotional state
  • R45.82 Worries
  • R45.83 Excessive crying of child, adolescent or adult
  • R45.84 Anhedonia
  • R45.85 Homicidal and suicidal ideations
  • R45.851 Suicidal ideations
  • R45.86 Emotional lability
  • R45.87 Impulsiveness
  • R45.89 Other symptoms and signs involving emotional state

We have gotten paid for these.  --Sheryl


I will pass this on.

I appreciate the response!

We all have to help each other!  :)

Have you gotten paid by all payers with the R45 codes and which specific codes are working for you? We are getting rejected at the clearinghouse by PreferredOne when billing the R45 codes - and they can't help us to determine if it is the specific code or all R45 codes in general. And, we can't bill the secondary - because we don't have a denial from PreferredOne with it being denied at the clearinghouse.

BluePlus, MA and HP all seem to be accepting the R45 codes for us. Is that what you are seeing as well?

That is what we are seeing.  I haven't dealt with the R codes and Preferred One at this time.  

Is this in reference to Mental Health Servcies; 9xxxx codes? 

Yes, I am asking for Mental Health Services. We have only used the F99 code.