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Does anyone practice using Telemedicine? Im curious to know if its covered by insurance companies and how it's billed.

Each plan is different and may not be covered, it's best to call for benefits. Also, the modifier GT needs to be added to claims. Use regular 908 codes for the therapy being done. We haven't done it a lot at our clinic but for certain clients we have. The providers have them sign a special document explaining the risk of telemedicine before they start this service. I think our providers also ask at the beginning of each call if the client is alone.

For those of you doing Telemedicine, what vendor are you using? Skype for Business? Something else? I'm interested to hear what you think of whatever method you're using. Thanks!

Our Clinic uses Zoom at a cost of $99 per year. It works well for us and is HIPAA compliant.

I'm not exactly sure, but I think regular Skype.

I should add that our MD, Psychiatrist is the ONLY provider at our Clinic that uses and bills for Telemedicine. We were unable to get "clear" answers regarding coverage for Telemedicine delivered by our therapists/psychologists, so we do not attempt to bill for this.

Our Psychiatrist would like to continue to provide Telemedicine services; however, he would also like to offer his clients the opportunity to schedule an appointment to see him in the office (face-to-face) on some days (possibly once a month).

Does anyone know of any problems that this could create from the view of the Insurance Companies when some claims (for the same client) are billed as Telemedicine (with the modifier) and others in person (without the modifier)?

We utilize a service for our telehealth sessions through regrouptherapy.com. We have had success in billing regular 90837 sessions with a GT modifier; however, now I have also added a "POS" of 02 specifically for telehealth. My current problem is that BCBS (a commercial policy) paid line 1: 90837 w/GT, but rejected line 2: 99354 (extended services). I did not send the 99354 w/the GT modifier, but did use pos the same, 02 for telehealth. Anyone have any experience in billing a prolonged session for telehealth?