Tracking residential attendance

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I am wondering if anyone would be willing to share their system for combining tracking of attendance to the billing. We are a 108 bed facility and needing a better system in place to be able to communicate when and why someone left and when they came back. We are having gabs in this connection of information. 



We have residential and cadi billing at our facility. Right now we just use the notes module for leave days (we enter a note stating leave days). we would love if there is a better way to track this other than the notes and different codes


We use our census, all info goes on there and it is all in 1 place.


We use a monthly report (8030 or 1010) and sort by client, then by date.  I compile and enter this data into a financial budgeting report at end of month.

T - I've been meaning to ask you, if you get a chance and are willing, can we steal your excel spreadsheet with the color codes on it for PRTF if we autonomize it?


LOL all I do is color code BCBS PMAPs with Blue, all commercial are pink, UCare is green and DHS is Grey. It is so much easier to do it that way. Your are amazing Shauna. Can you email me


We used to use the notes to track but I hated that. I actually keep an excel document with the following Fields

Status (Complete/New/Ongoing)

Client First Name

Client Last Name

Date Out

Time Out

Date in

Time In

Where they went

Date Alerted

Who alerted me

Date biling complete

and Misc. Comments (I.E. Late notification/takeback completed)

It works decently! Better than the notes because you can sort and run pivot tables.