CW-Targeted Case Management MN DHS

ahuseby 5 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated by Chris 5 years ago 5

We have recently become a contracted provider for providing CW-Targeted Case Management services and we are trying to bill for these services in Procentive and send them electronically to MN MA, but we are running into the claims wanting to error out for a diagnosis code.  What have others used for this diagnosis requirement?

Z02.9 works perfectly!

  We will give that a shot. Thank you.


Would you be willing to talk to us a little bit more on how you bill your CW-TCM services?  We submitted our billing using the T2023 U3 and T2023 U3 U4 codes but we are getting denied from MN MA.  So we are just curious to know how your agency might be billing for this and if you could provide us with any additional tips?

I work for The Village Family Service Center.



Can you e-mail me and we can discuss it further? I'll be happy to help out, I'm just sure it will be a back and forth conversation and I don't want to take up everyone's e-mail notifications on here.


We have to add the HA modifier when we bill CW-TCM, so we bill using T2023 U3 HA or T2023 U3 U4 HA.