Treatment Plan Signatures for Telehealth-Only patients

Stephanie B 5 years ago in Telehealth updated by anonymous 5 years ago 9

We have a therapist who only does Telehealth sessions and so we are unable to get patient signatures on Treatment Plans. How do other clinics handle this?


For the State of Wisconsin, it is a requirement that the client is located a the originating site which is our clinic. We have a nurse or support staff bring the client back to the office where the Telehealth session will take place and they connect the client and provider to the Telehealth session.  If there is a treatment plan that is needing signature the staff will pull the treatment plan up that was created by the provider, the provider will discuss the treatment plan with client and at the end of the appointment the staff member will join the client in the office and obtain the signature electronically on the Procentive Treatment Plan.  If the treatment plan was previously discussed at a past appointment then the staff will obtain the signature at the beginning of the Telehealth session.  Hope this helps.

Another option is to send the tx plan to the client via portal for their signature.

Do you mean sending via the kiosk? 

Are you saying that your clients are able to sign and return kiosked treatment plans? 

When we do this there is no signature box or way for the client to sign it and return to us other than printing out on hard copy, signing, scanning and emailing back. I have ticketed Procentive because I hope this is just a programming error that can easily be fixed. 

Well, you wouldn't send it the "normal" way (as a blank form through Appointments Module).  Because it is partially-completed, you would have to send from Clinical-Charting using the kiosk link there.   Then they will receive it in portal as a form with which they can interact, so yes, they would need only apply their signature and click Next/Submit.

You would have to make the tx plan an accessible form for clients through portal if you don't have it set that way.

Great to know that this is a feature many of you are using and that I just need to change a setting somewhere to get the signature box to appear!  Our clients are able to sign all our other kiosk docs so I'll work with Procentive to see how I can tweak settings to allow signatures on this doc. I wasn't able to find anything about clinical doc settings/kiosk settings in the Knowledge Hub...


Some telehealth platforms provide this service - for a fee.  By coincidence, I am just getting set up with my telehealth (or as I prefer to all it, telebehavioral) platform company, OnCall Health, to be able to have patients/clients sign informed consent intake and assessment documents through OnCall.  For the amount of time it will save, the fee is a bargain, I think. 


You have to make sure you have your settings to allow people to sign using a mouse and/or signature pad.