Recurring Payments - Vendors that integrate with Procentive

Kaia Ellis 5 years ago in Payments/ERA Modules updated by Kim Ross 4 years ago 8

We use CMS/Slyce to store / run payments via procentive.  I am wondering, since there is not currently a recurring payment option to set up payment plans or automatic payments on specified dates, if there are any vendors that Procentive works with that would integrate with the system?  For example, if I hire a vendor to do this for us, I don't want to have to enter the data twice - I'd prefer to upload payment info into Procentive somehow so I didn't have to rekey everything twice. 

Please let me know if there is a capability for this, and if so, which vendors can do this.  

This is curious to me.  We had a meeting with CMS today as we were thinking of signing up with them.  They told us that it does have the capability to run recurring payments.  Does CMS not run those payments automatically, or do you have to go into their Gateway and run them?

I have tried doing this through CMS gateway by setting up "pay plans" but the problem is that the transactions don't then speak to procentive, so you have to key it in again in procentive.  If you hear otherwise, or new info, I'd love to hear about it! 

You also don't know if something fails unless you go in and check all the time - it's a little buggy.

We have decided to stay with the system we have.  We get emails if payments decline.  The payments run automatically.  I have to enter them into Procentive, but that is fast.  Really no time savings to go with CMS.  Also, the system we have we can do payments/payment plans out of checking accounts. Thanks for the input!!

What is the system you use that allows payments out of checking accounts and payment plans?


We use Waystar.  You still have to enter payments into Procentive as they do not integrate, but you more options.

Hey Shondell - I was curious if you are still using waystar, and which functions you use?  Would you recommend it?  Is the cost worth it? 

I'm curious about Waystar as well...

Can anyone provide feedback?

Thanks much!