Is anyone doing MHIS client data batch reporting via MNITS, using Procentive? How is that working?

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People Incorporated worked with Procentive to originally develop the MHIS MNits upload report. We used the MHIS report for a few years on Procentive and it was excellent -- allowed for prescreening for errors & correction of entry errors or missing information before the uploading to MNits . We loved this report it saved so much time - not sure if Procentive keep up with the MHIS report updates s after we stopped using Procentive for our IRTS, CRISIS and ACT programs. But I would recommend it as a excellent alternative to manually entering these on MNIts

Thank you. Good info.

Is anyone currently using Procentive to do batch reporting to MHIS/MNITS?

I look forward to what Procentive has to say on this, at Northern Pines we are interested in using it too.


Yes, we have a contact with DHS that sends us updates to the MHIS and we update our forms and report accordingly. Our most recent standard form is P10-1005 MHIS Report 2, although we update all MHIS forms to meet state requirements.

I hope this helps! Please let us know if you have further questions.

The batch report pulls in all forms within the date filter by the form date. The report can also filter based on program. The report grabs all of the information in the form, as well as some data from other places in the system (i.e. the MA number pulls in from the client module). The report will display a large chart and will highlight any errors in red. You can click on the red errors to access that particular form directly and make changes without having to leave the report. After all of the errors are corrected, and the report is run again, you can download the text file using the link at the bottom of the chart. Once you save this text file, you can upload the report to the state.

Please note: The red errors are an indicator that something wasn't entered correctly, but they are not always 100% accurate. Please reference the MHIS Online User Manual to ensure your data is entered correctly.

I haven't been successful in getting the batch reporting feature to work, which is essential when you have a large volume of client data. Has anyone else been successful getting Procentive report 5580 to then upload the MNITS MHIS system?

There is a form that you fill out for each client and it is marked as intake , continuing or discharge. This form feeds the batch file and you pull the report based on program. You get a drill down report that highlights missing data or formatting error (like MA number is not formatted correct ). the report can also highlight incorrect Dx codes that do not a line with the MNits reporting requirements. You can drill down to the form and correct errors or add missing information. Once you have corrected any prescreening errors you run the report again and then you go to the MNits site and upload the saved CSV file. IF the file gets rejected at the MNits site each line of the Procentive report is numbered so you can find the errors that the MNits found go thru the process of correcting the report again. It include the 10x10 data needed to ACT as well.

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