Telemedicine Progress Note

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Does anyone have a Procentive Progress Note form that meets criteria for telemedicine?

Here's what MN DHS says is required:

-The type of service provided
• The time the service began and the time the service ended, with a.m. and p.m. designations
• A description of the provider's basis for determining that telemedicine is an appropriate and effective means
for delivering service to the recipient
• The mode of transmission of the telemedicine service
• The location of the originating and the distant site

I do have a custom-designed Procentive telehealth progress note   I just had Procentive forms staff take my existing therapy progress note and add the fields that Erica listed above. 


Would you mind sharing your form # and granting me permission to view it and possibly copy it?

Sure, if you are willing to share the development costs - say $50. If you want to proceed, let me know at rsethre@gmail.com. 

Would you mind telling me where you found this info? I am scouring the MHCP manual and can not find this. I've looked under the telemedicine section and can't find any mention progress notes and also the Psychotherapy>Document of Covered Services>Progress Notes section and only see this:  

Progress notes

Document all psychotherapy rendered in a progress note for each episode of care on each date of service. A progress note must be legible. Documentation of treatment information can be kept to a minimum. Each progress note must include:

  • • Type of service
  • • Date of service
  • • Session start and stop times
  • • Scope of service (nature of interventions or contacts including treatment modalities, phone contacts, etc.)
  • • Recipient’s progress (or lack of) to overall treatment plan goals and objectives
  • • Recipient’s response or reaction to treatment intervention(s)
  • • Formal or informal assessment of the recipient’s mental health status
  • • Name and title of person who gave the service
  • • Date documentation was made in the client record
  • Thanks for your help. 

    Has anyone been successful billing a Q3014 along with a 90837 or 99214 for the reimbusment for Telehealth?  If so did you use a modifier with the Q3014 or just the GT modifier with the 90837 or 99214.  Also does it have to be on the same claim? Does anyone know what the allowable is in MN.  Thank you

    As far as I can tell, no one has responded to Kelly's question, so I will take a stab at it.  As far as I can tell, Q3014 is a code for billing for a facility free, for when the patient is at a facility/clinic as the originating site  I am doing telehealth, or as I prefer to call it telebehavioral services (to distinguish what we do from what MDs and other medical clinicians do) only with patients who are in their home as the originating site. 

    Hi Richard, do you have available, online, the class that you taught on telebehvioral services?  I would be very interested in listening to it. Thank you in advance for the reply! Paula

    Greetings to Paula and those interested in teleheath or, as I prefer to call it, telebehavioral services.  I plan to create a video of my MPA presentation about telebehavioral services, and hope to get it done during Labor Day weekend (unless the weather is really nice). Thanks for asking.