I think the 96127 code can help with revenue, in a small way, but there is one big problem with it.  The CMS guidelines for this code unfortunately prevent payment for it on the same day that a psychiatric code is billed - in other words, you can't bill for therapy and assessment on the same day.  I tested this in the past and found that when I billed 90834 and 96127 on the same day the 96127 was denied.  

You can, however, bill 96127 on non-therapy days, but this would usually require being able to administer and process an assessment tool remotely.  Fortunately, Procentive provides the Health Dynamics Inventory- Connect, which can be administered remotely by the kiosk. The fee for the HDI may be about what you are paid for the 96127 claim, but you do have the benefit of excellent outcomes data - especially if you administer the HDI regularly, as the HDI report tracks the results of multiple test admissions and provides a handy set of graphs about the results over time.