Is there any way to bypass Medicare part B and bill private ins. for LMFT (non-enrolled)

Marsyl Warren 5 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated by Mark Cornell 5 years ago 2

We are not Medicare enrolled practice-wide.  Most of our practitioners are LMFT, which Medicare does not cover any way.  We don't seem to get a straight answer from private (commercial) insurance about whether we can bill with the GY modifier or some other method to bypass Medicare and bill them.  Any help????

We usually add the GY and bill the non-Medicare plan, if they deny, we appeal it and usually get paid (eventually). If there is another, more efficient way for this process to go, I would love to hear it!

Our claims were denied with the GY modifier I will try the appeal process because that's one thing I have not done in the past. There is someone on here who posted they got a letter from medicare stating they were ineligible to bill medicare and that work for them but Blue Cross Blue Shield is our biggest nightmare when it comes to the supplemental insurance